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About us

Who is B2B?

B2B services company is a distribution company in Kuwait for electronic devices, smart watches, fitness trackers, mobile phones, tablets, smart home products, and their accessories with the associated services. Mainly stationary of B2B was 1970's, but started the electronic distribution and retail since 2004. Most of our items are imported from different countries (USA, Korea, EU, China, and Dubai)

B2B services has grown in the past years signifacntly ($31M revenue on 2022), and that because of our well planned marketing methods and clearly targeted clients, also because of high quality and unique imported products, which achieved satisfaction and trust from our clients, and our direct customers.

What we do?

Distribution and wholesale of the most innovative electronic devices, smart watches, fitness trackers, smart home products, cameras, mobile phones, tablets, and their accessories, along with their associated services.

B2B services company also own a retail line for electronics with physical and online stores in Kuwait named Chipsstore, which quickly became one of the top retailers in Kuwait and it is listed now in the 5 top electronic retailers in Kuwait.

Our strategy
Our mission

Our mission and interest is providing the best and advanced products for the high end users and putting it in between their hands quickly as they get released internationally, with an excellent and trustworthy after sales service.

Why working with us?
  • Expertise in Telecom Electronics field, which will facilitate sales and marketing campaigns for a product in this field.

  • Based on our experience, technical support can be performed easily for Telecom Electronics.

  • Our distribution experience, along with our existing connections and relations with the retailers in the region.

  • Our successful and smart marketing methods followed, which is experienced in our current business.

  • The ability to handle marketing costs.

We have focused in the most innovative electronic devices and telecom electronics because of our early understanding of the fast growing technology in this field, which lead customers to follow that trend by satisfying the consumer needs, and we have managed to have a huge “high end users” client base here in Kuwait and the Middle East, which are buying these products aggressively.

  • Owners Experience and high team energy, is leading to achieve our goals in smart and short ways.

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