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Our clients

Our Local Clients

We Deal with All Telecom Operators in Kuwait, which are connected with other Companies in the region, either they have the operation in other countries in the region, or they are owned by other operators from the same region.

Distributed products to various electronics stores, most of them specialized in Consumer electronics, Mobile Phones and Tablets in different areas/venues (Sharq, Hawally, and Manqaf). Some of Our main clients are mentioned below.


Telecommunication Operator


CE Store

AlBabtain Samsung

CE Store


Telecommunication Operator

Xcite Alghanim

CE Store

CE Online Store


Telecommunication Operator

Alpha Store

Apple Reseller


Apple Reseller

The above mentioned Companies are having the biggest market shares in Kuwait, and the most visited in the country.

Our Clients in Middle East

We Deal with so many distributors and Retailers in this region, to distribute/sell the products that we are exclusively distributing them in this region in KSA, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran and Iraq.

Also, we are still opening new channels in this region in all countries and looking for potential Distributors and Retailers in this region.

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