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Market Information

Kuwait Market is small in number but it has a high potential at the same time, the total population is around 4.5 Million, 1.4M of them are Kuwaiti Citizens. Moreover, 70-80% of the high end electronics sales is being achieved from citizens as per our experience, so they are our main target customers. The market in Kuwait is divided into two main categories:

1. Direct Customers:
• They can be targeted through five main electronics stores in Kuwait, which has many branches all over the country.
• And, by three main areas/venues (Sharq, Hawally and Manqaf) that has various electronics stores, most of them are specialized in Mobile Phones and Tablets.

2. Corporate:
• Dealing with All Telecom Operators in Kuwait, and the Major Mobile Retailers in the Country.
• Oil Sector companies: these companies have very high standards and always up to date with technology, and this is one of the good targets.
• Private Companies: they are a lot of companies in Kuwait adopts new technology for its ease of use and flexibility, which lets them improve their businesses. Some of these companies buy products to send them as Gifts for their VIP customers.

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