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Our story

Kuwait B2B services Company is part of a group of companies that work in different fields as distributors and retailers in Kuwait, mainly stationery (since 1970’s) and electronics Distribution and Retail (since 2004) businesses. In the past three years, we have grown exponentially while working on Electronic Devices, Smartwatches, Fitness Trackers, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Smart Home, and their accessories with the associated services. B2B Services Company is the part of the group where it is specialized in distribution, where most of our items are imported from different countries (USA, Korea, EU, China, and Dubai).

B2B Services has grown in the past years significantly ($31M revenue on 2022), and that because of our well planned marketing methods and clearly targeted clients, also because of high quality and unique products that we import, which achieved satisfaction and trust from our clients, and our direct customers.

B2B Services Company also own a retail line for electronics with physical and online stores in Kuwait called Chips Store, which quickly became of the top retailers in Kuwait and it is now in Top 5 list of electronics retailers in Kuwait.

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